Z-Wave Remotec Z-Wave To AV IR Extender ZXT-310

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  • 100% Z-Wave interoperable
  • Perfect Gateway companion
  • Best-in-class IR learning capability
  • Built-in IR code library
  • Fully compliant to Z-Wave command class
  • Supports up to 6 dedicated Z-Wave-to-IR channels
  • Built-in wide angle IR emitters plus 5 addressable 3.5mm jacks for wired IR device deployment
  • Programmable power level (LOW or HIGH) for each external IR emitter to avoid saturation of IR receivers


ZXT‐310 is a Z‐Wave‐to‐AV IR Extender and it works with any Z‐Wave compliant controller or gateway by translating Z‐Wave Simple AV command to IR control code. User can set the IR code from the built‐in code library of ZXT‐310, or use the learning function of ZXT‐310 through any Z‐Wave controller or gateway.

Z-Wave Remotec ZXT-310

It also supports Z‐Wave networks with multiple gateways and controllers. Like every Z‐Wave accessory, the user will need to include the ZXT‐310 into his Z‐Wave network using the primary controller. Then, the user can use either the primary controller or secondary controller to configure and setup the ZXT‐310 using Z‐Wave’s configuration command class. Once the configuration and setup is completed, the controller can use Z‐Wave’s “Simple AV commands class” to control their IR‐controlled AV equipment with the ZXT‐310. User can enjoy fully wireless control and home automation system
anywhere at home.

Built‐in IR code library

The built‐in IR code library enables the ZXT‐310 to work with any ZWave compliant gateway and controller. Gateway and controller will not need to have any knowledge related to IR control code. It also eliminates the need for complex set up procedures and proprietary ZWave commands to configure the system. The IR code library supports various brand name of AV equipment found in the today’s market. User can use his controller or gateway to send a 4 digits AV IR code number (include the brand selection) using standard Z‐Wave configuration command.

Host based IR code library

ZXT‐310 also supports host‐based library upgrade for 6 AV database. Once gateway support this advanced feature, 6 AV database can be upgraded by gateway very easily and support different regions and customers.


Technical Specification

    • BW8371
    • Z-Wave Chip 300 series
    • IR Frequency: Up to 455kHz
    • Z-Wave
    • One group and five devices (nodes)
    • Packing size:  (LxWxH)
    • Base size: 139 x 75 x 28.5 mm (LxWxH)
    • CE, Z-Wave
    •  AC/DC Power adaptor 100~240 V AC input, 5V DC output
    • up to 1W
    • up to 1mW
    •  up to 150m (outdoors) and 100m (indoors)
    • 0-40°C  
    • IP20

Package content

  • Main Unit:
    • ZXT‐310: Z‐Wave‐to‐AV IR Extender
    • Power sourcer: 100~240V AC input, 5V DC 1000mA output
    • IR Emitting Cable: 3.5mm Mono plug cable x 3pcs
  • User Manual (download from our website)
  • Code List (download from our website)
  • Warranty sheet

Additional Info

Z-Wave Command Classes

Model: Remotec BW8371EU AV Extender ZXT-310EU (BW8371EU)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-14010001

Supported Command Classes
        Manufacturer Specific
        Simple AV Control

User manual


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More Information
Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave Hardware Platform ZM3102
Z-Wave Library Type Routing slave
Technology Z-Wave+, IR
Translate Z-Wave To Z-Wave To IR
Manufacturer Remotec
Power source Power supply DC
Mounting type Table
OTA Firmware Updating No
Usage Control multimedia
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