Z-Wave Plus Sensative Strips Guard Open/Close Sensor For Windows & Doors

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Sensative Strips- The Invisible Door and Window Sensor

  • Invisible mounting in windows & doors for indoor and outdoor use
  • Up to 10 year battery life means no more charging batteries
  • Simple to set-up
  • Connected to Z-Wave ecosystem of products and services


Strips Guard is a revolutionary magnetic sensor designed to monitor and protect windows, doors, and valuables.

They’re so thin that they can be used in numerous unique use-cases such as mounting invisibly to artwork and cabinets to monitor activity.

Using an adhesive strip, mounting is quick and easy. Just set and forget with the custom designed battery that lasts up to 10 years.

sensative strips guard mounted in window frame

Indoor or outdoor use

Easy enroll & installation

Ultra thin (3mm) design

Up to 10 year battery life


Notifies you when you’ve left a window or door open.

Can alert you when something unexpected happens whether you’re home or not.

Ultra-thin design allows Strips to be mounted ”invisibly” between most doors/windows and their frames.

Simple to mount with the included adhesive backing.

Up to 10 year battery life means no more changing batteries.

Protects the perimeter of your home even when you’re asleep.


  • Checks if a window or door is left open
  • Alerts you if something unexpected happens
  • Connects to your smart home and smartphone


Check your home entrances before you turn on the alarm.

Make sure that all doors and windows are closed, no matter where you are.


Be notified if you forget to close any entrance on your way out

Get notified when your kids are back from school.

Be sure to know if something unexpected happens.


Connect strips to other Z-Wave™ products and services.


Strips uses a magnetic sensor to sense if a window/door is opened or closed. With Strips in every window and door you get full perimeter protection. With Strips you can easily check that all windows and doors are closed, it alerts you if something unexpected happens and it can be connected with other smart home devices using Z-Wave technology.

Invisible and simple mounting:

The days of drilling and wires are gone! At just under 3 mm, Strips fits invisibly between the door/window and its frame. All you have to do is connect Strips to a Z-Wave gateway, then use the adhesive backing to stick the magnet to the door or window and the sensor to the frame.

Indoor & outdoor usage:

Strips is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. That means you can use Strips for all your windows & doors, but also to monitor your storage or garage door.

Don't forget:

With a battery that has a lifespan of up to ten years it's easy to forget about the sensor once it's mounted. But, the sensor keeps track of the remaining power in the battery and will let you know when it's running low.


Strips is Z-Wave Plus certified. Z-Wave enables communication between smarthome devices, Strips can talk to you through your smart phone. In order to do this, you will need a Z-Wave gateway to include Strips into your smarthome network.

Wireless range

The better the wireless range, the more reliable the product, and Door / Window Sensor 6 offers a class-leading antenna. Optimised for reliability, this tiny sensor can wireless communicate over 150 metres / 492 feet.


The best antenna. The best Z-Wave. Door / Window Sensor 6 is built upon Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec’s leading Gen5 technology to offer you the fastest response times and optimal battery life between recharges.

Secure security

If you’re using a sensor for security you want its communication to be secure. That’s why Door / Window Sensor 6 utilises AES-128 wireless data encryption to keep it secure from prying eyes and hackers.

Wireless updates.

Whether used for home intelligence or security, you want your sensor to always stay up to date. Whenever firmware udpdates are made for it, you’ll be able to upgrade Door / Window Sensor 6 via Microsoft Windows or select Z-Wave gateways.

Technical Data

Technical Specification

Package content

Additional Info

Z-Wave Data

Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: Strips-MaZw (11 01 011)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-19046424

Group ID Group Profile Name Profile Maximum Nodes Description Endpoint ID Commands
1     1 Z-Wave Plus Lifeline 0  

Z-Wave Configuration Capabilities

Model: Strips-MaZw (11 01 011)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-19046424

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

1 1 Notification type 0 Binary Sensor report
Notification report
  2 Basic report

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

2 1 LED indication 0 Specific event indication (ex. door opened) Off

Z-Wave Command Classes

Model: Strips-MaZw (11 01 011)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-19046424

Supported Command Classes
        Command Class Association Group Info
        Command Class Association V2
        Command Class Battery
        Command Class Configuration
        Command Class Device Reset Locally
        Command Class Manufacturer Specific
        Command Class Notification V4
        Command Class Powerlevel
        Command Class Sensor Binary
        Command Class Version V2
        Command Class Wake Up V2
        Command Class Z-Wave+ Info V2

User manual



More Information
More Information
Technology Z-Wave+
Z-Wave Plus: Yes
Z-Wave Hardware Platform ZM5101
Z-Wave Library Type Routing slave
Z-Wave Device Type Notification Sensor
Z-Wave Role Type Reporting Sleeping Slave
Association groups 1
Manufacturer Sensative
Type of sensor door and window
Z-Wave Features Power Level
Внутренняя/наружная установка Indoor, Outdoor
Power source Battery
Battery Type 3.7V
Form factor Wall Mounted
Usage Lock and Monitor Doors
OTA Firmware Updating No
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