Z-Wave sensors are the building blocks of your home automation network, providing the ability to monitor a number of scenarios such as security and energy usage.

This allows you to build the home automation network to provide safety for your family and also save money on your power bills.

Types of Sensors

Multisensor - Ability to measure temperature, humidity, motion and light in one unit, like the Aeon Labs Multisensor for Fibaro Motion Sensor, and send the signals back to your controller to automatically adjust heating & cooling levels or turn on/off lights when someone enters/exits a room.

Motion - The Everspring Motion Detector can be used to detect if somebody is at the front door or in the garden and trigger security alarms/cameras and send you a text or email.

Smoke - Be able to detect a fire with smoke and heat sensors, like the Fibaro Smoke sensor. Warn your family to the danger with a loud siren or be able to alert via email or text if not at home.

Door & Window - Easy to install, detect opening/closing and sound alarm, turn on lights or send you an email/text depending on the scene you set in main controller.

Siren - Can be used in conjunction with your other sensors to detect intrusion, smoke, water break, etc. and trigger an alarm and/or flash strobe light.

Temperature & Humidity - Install in a room and set levels at which the heating and cooling will turn on/off and report readings back to the controller for monitoring & adjustment.

Water/Flood - Install in your basement or under the sink and send alarms to you before further damage occurs

Power Usage – Works with your main electricity box to report actual consumption and power used to better adjust your energy use and lower your electricity bills

Garage Door – Attaching this sensor will enable you to always leave the house with the comfort of being able to know whether it is open or closed by checking in via your mobile device or computer.

Shock & Vibration - Install on a door, window or drawer around your house where movement could alert you to an issue. Has adjustable sensitivity to eliminate false alarms.

CO & CO2 Levels – Monitor Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide and send signals to your alarm or siren if they reach a certain level and your family can safely leave the home.

If you unsure or need help deciding which controller is best for your situation, our Technical Experts at Vesternet will be more than happy to help you.

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