Relays and dimmers

Z-Wave switches and dimmers enable you to easily add wireless control to any of your home’s lights or appliances, with some designed to measure your power consumption and report back to your main controller so you can make better decisions on your electricity use.

Types of Lighting & Sockets

Switch – Large selection including the TKB Wall Plug that connects between the wall socket and appliance, giving you wireless Z-Wave control. Others like the Fibaro Relay Switch enable you to control various light and appliance circuits manually or via Z-Wave wireless control.

Dimmer – The Fibaro Universal Dimmer works alongside your existing light switch for wireless control while the Popp Dimmer Socket plugs into wall socket and remotely turn lamp on/off or control the brightness.

Power Meter – The TKB Wall Plug Switch/Meter plugs into your wall socket giving you Z-Wave control of appliances as well as reporting power consumption back to your main controller.

RGBW Controller - Control your LED lights and change the colours according to the situation and can also work with your sensors to alert you to problems.

If you unsure or need help deciding which controller is best for your situation, our Technical Experts at Vesternet will be more than happy to help you.

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