Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Range Extender 6

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Z-Wave Repeater to extend you system's range.

  • Plugs into a wall socket (Schuko)
  • Repeats Z-Wave signals
  • Extends your Z-Wave system's coverage

Range Extender.

Z-Wave manages your home.
Range Extender keeps it reliable.

Range extender.
Reliability extender.

We all know how annoying weak wireless signals can be. Weak WiFi and poor phone signals are frustrating. Imagine if your smart home was also plagued by weak wireless signals and the same frustrations? Your smart home wouldn’t be very smart.

Range Extender from Aeotec ensures that your connected home stays connected. It intelligently listens to the commands and reports that your Z-Wave network sends, activelycapturing weak signals and then amplifying and repeating them.

Repeats wireless signals.For your smart home to be perfect, its wireless signals need to be reliable. Range Extender captures weak or slow signals and efficiently repeats them on to the rest of your Z-Wave network
Amplifies wireless signals.Not only does Range Extender accurately repeat Z-Wave signals, it amplifies them too and helps improve the reliability and accuracy of your Z-Wave network.

Big on impact.
Small in size.

Range Extender is a power-outlet friendly device, designed to be as small and as compact as possible without compromising on performance. so that it doesn’t block neighbouring power outlets.

International sizes.

AU: 5.6cm square.

UK: 6cm square.

EU: 6cm square.

US: 5.6cm square.

Available worldwide.

As the broadest range of connected home technology, Z-Wave is used the world over. Range Extender is available nearly everywhere that Z-Wave is used, with Australian, British, European and US plug types available.

dimmer size

Full compatibility.

Range Extender is compatible with all of your home’s Z-Wave devices. Offering universal compatibility, it’s able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals from both older to newer devices, including those powered by Gen5 and 500 series.

Wireless range

The better the wireless range, the more reliable the product, and device offers a class-leading antenna. Optimised for reliability, this tiny sensor can wireless communicate over 150 metres / 492 feet.


The best antenna. The best Z-Wave. The unit is built upon Z-Wave Plus and leading Gen5 technology to offer you the fastest response times and optimal battery life between recharges.

Secure security

If you’re using a sensor for security you want its communication to be secure. That’s whydevice utilises AES-128 wireless data encryption to keep it secure from prying eyes and hackers.

Wireless updates.

Whether used for home intelligence or security, you want your sensor to always stay up to date. Whenever firmware udpdates are made for it, you’ll be able to upgrade the unit via Microsoft Windows or select Z-Wave gateways.


Technical Specification

    • Z-Wave Chip 500 series
    • Z-Wave Plus
    • Packing size:50x50x80 mm (LxWxH)
    • Base size:43x65 mm (DxH)
    • CE, Z-Wave
    • Input: AC 220V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • up to 1.6W
    • up to 0.8mW
    •  up to 50m (outdoors) and 40m (indoors)
    • 0-40°C
    • IP20

Package content

Z-Wave Specification

Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: Range Extender 6 (ZW117-C15)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-16095248

Group ID

Maximum Nodes


1 1 The association group 1 is the Z-Wave Lifeline group. The Device Reset Locally Notification CC can be sent to the associated node in association group 1.

Z-Wave Configuration Capabilities

Model: Range Extender 6 (ZW117-C15)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-16095248

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

200 1 Partner ID 1 Other partners.
Aeon Labs standard product
252 1 Enable/disable Lock Configuration 0
  1 Enable
254 2 Device tag 1 to 32767 The available value range is 1 to 32767.
255 4 Reset the Range Extender 6 0
Reset all configuration parameters to factory default settings
  1431655765 Reset the bulb to factory default.
33 4 Set the RGB value of the LED. 1 to 255 Bule color value
  65536 to 16777215 Red color value
  256 to 65535 Green color value
82 1 Set the default status of the LED when the Range Extender relays Z-Wave message 1 The LED remains OFF state.
The Green LED will remain ON for 2 seconds.

Z-Wave Command Classes

Model: Range Extender 6 (ZW117-C15)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-16095248

Supported Command Classes
        Association Group Information
        Association V2
        Color Switch
        Device Reset Local
        Firmware Update MD V2
        Manufacturer Specific V2
        Switch Multilevel V2
        Version V2
        Z-Wave Plus Info V2

User manual


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More Information
Z-Wave Plus: N/A
Security S2 Classes N/A
Z-Wave Hardware Platform ZM5101
Z-Wave Library Type Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave Device Type Repeater
Z-Wave Role Type Always On Slave
Technology Z-Wave+
Automation Technology N/A
Frequency N/A
Translate Z-Wave To No
Manufacturer Aeotec
Power source Cable AC
Battery Type N/A
Mounting type Wall
OTA Firmware Updating Yes
Usage Compliment Core System
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